Mechoopda Educational Support Costs

By: Lisa | August 09 2021

Mechoopda Educational Support Costs
(Formally JOM)

Educational support is for items that are required for students to participate in a class or activity that the parent would be required to pay, such as but not limited to:

  • School supplies, including computer and printer supplies.
  • Testing fees. i.e., SAT, ACT
  • Physical Education clothing and shoes, middle (junior) and senior high school students only. Please Note: If requesting Physical Education (P.E.) clothing or P.E. shoes, submission of documentation of student’s enrollment in a P.E. class is required (a copy of class schedule or grade report must be submitted with the application).
  • School related camps
  • Supplies listed on a classroom needs list
  • Sports fees and uniforms, if part of the school sports program
  • Other items deemed appropriate by the Program Manager, as required for the student to participate in a class that the parent would be required to pay

Please Submit the Following:

  1. Educational Support Cost Application for each Mechoopda student;
  2. Original, legible receipts which must note for which student the items are for (if receipt contains items for more than one student or contains items not related to allowable costs);
  3. Signed Statement of Privacy;
  4. Release of Information Form;

For Assistance Please Contact:
Layla Langley at 530-720-9297 or
April Cottrell at 530-924-2711 or

Applications are available on the Member side of the Mechoopda Website: