By: Lisa | August 09 2021


BCCER Mechoopda Fire Collaboration
The Cultural Steward, He-Lo Ramirez, of the Chico State Ecological Reserves (BCCER) wishes to measure Mechoopda community interest in becoming Wildland Firefighter Certified aka getting your "red card", interest in participating on burns at the BCCER, interest in learning more about wildfires, and/or observing burns on the BCCER. In case you do not know the BCCER is a nature reserve (similar to Table Mountain), encompassing about 4,000 acres of Big Chico Creek Canyon between Upper Bidwell Park and Forest Ranch and includes about another 4,000 acres of newly acquired lands adjacent to the current property. If you have questions you can reach He-Lo Ramirez, Cultural Steward of the BCCER, at the following email (please include a subject title and name in email). For more information about our organization visit our website or visit our facebook page

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